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Loose Linen White Unisex Casual Pants - Li Ziqi Fairy Style Clothes Hanfu Style#hanfutiktok

Loose Linen White Unisex Casual Pants - Li Ziqi Fairy Style Clothes Hanfu Style#hanfutiktok Item NO.: 4652980273236

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US$ 46.99
Small Middle Large
White Black Naturally Linen Color

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Product Name Loose Linen White Unisex Casual Pants - Li Ziqi Fairy Style Clothes Hanfu Style#hanfutiktok
Item NO. 4652980273236
Weight 0.2 kg = 0.4409 lb = 7.0548 oz
Category Li Ziqi Dress Clothing
Tag ChineseTraditionalClothes , LiZiqiClothes , LiZiqiHanfu , LiZiqiProducts , LinenClothes , Pants , trousers
Brand Li Ziqi Online Shop
Creation Time 2021-10-14

Size Waist (cm) Pants length (cm) Hips (cm) Thigh Circumference (cm)
Small 60-106








Middle 62-110








Large 65-115








Remind: Measurements by different people may cause 1-4cm errors. 1 in. = 2.54 cm. It's unisex. 

Our top shirts are liked by many female fans, and now the same style pants are in stock. Top shirts and pants will look better together.

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Breathable, Soft and Comfortable.

I like the natural wind in the spring. It is gentle, fresh, refreshing and make me feel comfortable, just like this shirt. It looks ordinary, but when you look closely, “Awesome!”-- you will be surprised that it is so special.#hanfutiktok

This linen pants is one of the traditional costumes in ancient China. It is the ancient Chinese culture that gave birth to this style of clothing. You can see that this costume culture has been integrated into Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Tang suit, meditation, yoga, and so on. And you can see that the buttons are all made of cloth. This design is the most commonly used in the ancient Chinese clothing culture. It is completely environmentally friendly and does not have a bit of modern plastic.

Its fluffy material is perfect for pairing with jeans, simple and casual. It gives people an impression of peaceful temperament.#hanfutiktok

It can be paired with different clothes for outdoor, vacation/holiday, yoga, meditation, tai chi, kung fu, leisure, family, shopping, picnic, party, cultural or artistic activities.

Linen is a natural and environmentally friendly material in nature. It is light in weight and soft to the touch. It is durable and comfortable. At the same time, it has also caused people to yearn for and to pursue the truth, goodness and beauty in nature. This clothes advocates "natural is beautiful." The best linen style is the natural characteristics that its shows to people, seemingly simple but free with ease.#hanfutiktok

Linen Clothes's Benefits:

  • 1. Breathable

The heat dissipation performance of linen is 5 times that of wool and 19 times that of silk. In hot weather conditions, wearing linen garments can make the body surface temperature 3-4 degrees centigrade lower than wearing silk or cotton fabrics.

  • 2. Dry  

Linen can absorb water up to 20% of its own weight and releases the absorbed moisture quickly, even if there is more sweat.

  • 3. Reduce Perspiration

The linen material helps maintain the body's electrolyte balance. Studies have shown that linen garments can reduce the amount of sweat per person by 1.5 times compared to wearing cotton.

  • 4. Radiation Protection

Modern people's life is inseparable from computers and mobile phones. Radiation pollution is an inevitable problem for modern people. Japanese research shows that adding 20% of linen to fabrics can prevent 80% of radiation. For female who are white-collar, or ready to give birth, or three months before pregnancy, and male who have not raised children, it is especially suitable.

  • 5. Anti-Static

Just 10% of the flax in the blended fabric is enough to prevent static electricity. It can effectively alleviate people's anxiety, headache, chest tightness and difficulty of breathing in the static environment.

  • 6. Inhibit Bacteria

Flax has a good effect of inhibiting bacteria and fungi, and can effectively prevent some diseases. According to the research by Japanese researchers, linen sheets can prevent acne from long-term bed-ridden patients, and linen clothing can help prevent certain skin problems such as common rashes and chronic eczema.

  • 7. Hypoallergenic

For people with skin allergies, linen clothing is undoubtedly a gospel, because linen fabrics not only do not cause allergic reactions, but also help to treat some allergic diseases, reduce inflammation and skin fever.

Washing Recommendations:

  • Not recommended to wash in the washing machine;
  • Avoid high temperature ironing;
  • It is recommended to use normal-temperature water and hand wash, avoid rubbing hard, and then tumble dry or spin dry in the washing machine. Please avoid exposure to the sun.



I searched for something to wear in summer, that's not to warm and feels confortable. The pants are very confortable to wear because they are very loose. the fabrics feels very nice and it's easy to wash. I'm very happy I decidet to buy it.



Li Ziqi, is amazing and her clothes for sale prove another quality aspect of her! The clothes fit well and they are very high quality! Thank you so much and looking forward to buying more. Would recommend the white unisex casual pants for everyone! I have bought other items and always very pleased and satisfied! Again Thank you Li Ziqi!!



Pants are soft and comfy, love them!!



i love it - thank you!



I’m 5’9 and 145 lbs. Based on reviews I ordered a large. My US size is 6-8. Fit was perfect except length of pants. About 3 inches too short.



Received the black linen pant and embroidered shoe. Pant is soft and fit perfectly. Good heavy linen, not the cheap material that is see through. Shoe is very beautiful, good sole and fit nicely. Will definitely recommend her items and looking forward to purchasing some other items that I have an eye on :). Fast shipping too. Love her shop and her videos.



IM so happy with this purchase, not only did it arrive within 2 weeks of ordering, but the linen is the softest linen ever, straight out of the package these pants feel amazing!



I have never felt fabric this soft and comfortable. My skin is so sensitive, and it is hard to find materiel that feels good against my skin. I wish this came in an extra large, or that we could buy this material to make a larger shirt. I am completely in love with this shirt.



Hello! I'm very happy that following your blog!!! Stay natural!!! I'm going to fixing my bakery in the garden so I can bake my own bread!!!