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Liziqi Lotus Root Powder Mixed With Osmanthus & Nuts & Wolfberry - Royal Tribute Food From Ancient China

Liziqi Lotus Root Powder Mixed With Osmanthus & Nuts & Wolfberry - Royal Tribute Food From Ancient China Item NO.: 4182112501844

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Product Name Liziqi Lotus Root Powder Mixed With Osmanthus & Nuts & Wolfberry - Royal Tribute Food From Ancient China
Item NO. 4182112501844
Weight 0.9 kg = 1.9842 lb = 31.7466 oz
Category Food - Li Ziqi Brand Food
Tag LiZiqiLotusRootPowder , Wolfberry
Brand Li Ziqi Online Shop
Creation Time 2021-10-14

Sorry, we have to stop selling this product due to the recent policy restrictions of the transportation company.

Date of recovery: It is expected to be around May 5, 2020.

Ziqi said”Lotus root powder has been in existence for hundreds of years in China. It is the royal family's specialty food in Chinese ancient times. We have innovated on the basis of traditional production techniques, and added eight natural ingredients such as osmanthus, Wolfberry (Chinese: 枸杞; pinyin: góuqǐ. A healthy fruit of Lycium Chinesis), cranberry, almond, purple potato, and cashew nuts. It has a hint of sweet-scented osmanthus and tastes very good. It is suitable for breakfast and also for lunch and dinner as dessert or porridge . ”


  • Does not contain any additives, flavors, preservatives, pigments, etc. It is a natural healthy green food. Produced through traditional hand-made method, basically the same as the process in the zz video.
  • Do not pour the powder directly into the can! Use a clip to clip the opening to avoid the power getting wet.

Lotus root powder is a high-end delicious food invented in ancient China. It had always been the royal cuisine. It is currently one of China's intangible cultural heritage. In 1972, US President Nixon visited China and was very satisfied with it after tasting. He brought it back to the United States as a gift.

Each canister of wolfberry lotus root powder is made from carefully selected ingredients and through 14 complex processes. It is nutritious while ensuring the best taste.

A successful wolfberry lotus root powder will have a faint osmanthus fragrance, and this light but not greasy scent can work up your appetite. When dissolved, It looks like a transparent and viscous liquid, and contains gold, red, and purple ingredients that can cause you to drool. When you taste the first bite, your mouth will be filled with porridge with a variety of ingredients. When the nuts are bitten, they will make a "squeaky" sound and give off the delicious taste characteristic of the nut. The dry fruit is chewy and slightly sour and sweet. The taste of all the delicious ingredients will stick to your tongue and teeth. Every time you take a bite, your feel more pleasant. When you finish this delicious meal, the feeling of satisfaction will reach the highest point. This is also the result that Ziqi wants to bring to everyone through this product.

Liziqi Lotus Root Powder Mixed With Osmanthus & Nuts & Wolfberry

How to open it?

Please use scissors to cut a small opening at the edge.
Clip the opening of the bag with a clip to prevent moisture after use.

Eating tutorial. Important!

  • Step 1. Use a spoon to take 3-5 scoops of Lotus-root powder into a cup or a bowl.

  • Step 2. Add about 10ml of cold water or ordinary drinking water to stir evenly. Just enough to dissolve the powder, not too much.

  • Step 3. Add 100 degrees of boiling water, stir quickly unitl into a transparent paste.

How to tell if it is made right?

Failure. This is due to the water temperature being less than 95 degrees.



Product Details:

  • Specifications: 350g
  • Shelf life: 6 months
  • Production date: see the bottom of the can.
  • Formulation: Lotus root powder, Wolfberry, Cranberry, Raisin, Osmanthus, Almond, Purple potato, Cashew nuts, and Chinese RockSugar.
  • Storage Conditions: Protect from moisture and direct sunlight and high temperatures.


  • The date stampped on the package is the date of manufacture and not the expiration date.
  • Because it does not contain preservatives, it is recommended to eat as soon as possible after opening.



When I first saw the YouTube video of Li Ziqi doing different things with the Lotus plant, it quickly became my favorite video. So when I learned about her shop and saw this particular product I HAD to get it!

It has surpassed my expectations! Once you get the ratio down of the boiling water, it's a breeze! The first batch I forgot to change my thermometer to C° and goofed it. The second time I added a wee bit to much water. Third time I had it down (third times the charm, ey!).

The sweetness is subtle then you get bursts of flavor from the cranberries, cashews, and almonds. The subtle hint of sweet is why I like it so much. It is refreshing. I have made this everyday and I like it more and more each day. Highly recommend this product!!!



My brother bought this for us, and we really enjoyed it. However, it could need a bit more sugar. I'm sorry if I don't have the picture, but it was delicious nonetheless



Very fast delivery .... and I also received a clip to seal the bag and a wooden spoon❤️❤️ Will post another review after eating this



I got my order very quickly.
I tried my products and approve 100%. I especially love the packaging. I love the lotus powder with nuts and dried fruits. It tastes so clean and healthy and very traditional with a modern twist of dried cranberries. I ate 2 bowls of it. Tried the brown sugar ginger tea and that’s also another winner. I am glad I purchased these items knowing it’s on pricy side. And now I have the product in hand and happy to know that I didn’t waste my money on it. I love Li! Her videos are my inspiration. They are very classy as her products



This lotus powder mix is very mild in flavor with just a hint of sweetness under the taste of lotus. In fact, it very much reminds me of tea - this is edible tea!
The nuts and fruits add a burst of flavor with each bite that make eating the dish interesting too.
Overall this is a unique food that makes my tea-loving heart happy. I highly recommend for anyone (especially tea lovers) to give this a try!