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Many people have some questions about li Ziqi. We collected them and simply answered them. Hope to help them better understand Ziqi.

Who is Li Ziqi? real?age, weibo, Youtube Channel, married, Mianyang, Sichuan, family grandmother, music

1. Who is Li Ziqi? Li Ziqi biography.

2. Is Li Ziqi real?

  • Yes. She is real.

3. Li Ziqi's age?

  • It is impolite to ask the girl's age. But we never tell you that she was born in 1990. Well, this is no secret anymore. 

4. Li Ziqi's weibo

5. Li Ziqi's Youtube Channel

6. Is Li Ziqi married?

  •  No. She is not married yet.

7. Li Ziqi vlogger age

  • At the beginning of 2016, Li Zikai began to shoot videos. The previous videos were compiled, filmed, starred, and edited by herself.

8. Where does Li Ziqi live?

  • She lives with her grandmother in her own home in Mianyang, Sichuan, China.

9. Li Ziqi's family

  • She is an orphan and grew up with her grandmother.

10. Li Ziqi's music

  • The background music of those videos were not created by her. Because these music are copyrighted, and many of them are Chinese music, we are currently unable to translate and share it with everyone.

11. Li Ziqi's  instagram

12. Li Ziqi Wikipedia

13. Does Li Ziqi have a boyfriend or husband?

  • Sorry, we will not disclose whether Ziqi is still single, so as not to affect her life. But we can tell you that she is still unmarried.

14.   Fake Li ziqi

  • Many people are pretending to be Ziqi or imitating her. Maybe this can reflect everyone's love for her from another aspect. I hope everyone will protect her.

 15. Li Ziqi's height

  •  Ziqi is not tall. She is 161cm.

 16. L iziqi's recipe book

  • Currently, Ziqi has no plans to publish any books.

 17. Is Li Ziqi's grandma still alive?

  • Thank you for your concern. Grandma is still alive and healthy.

 18. Where is L i Ziqi's hometown?

  •  Ziqi's hometown is Mianyang, Sichuan, China. 

19. Is liziqi an actor?

  • No. She is not an actor. 

20. L i Ziqi's birthday

  • July 6th is her birthday. Her zodiac sign is Cancer.

21. What special things are there in Li Ziqi shop?



October 15, 2021

I would really like to know what has become of all of the different puppies and dogs that have been seen in many of her videos.


August 19, 2021

Greetings from Seattle!
I have been watching your channel for a couple years now and just amazed at how beautiful and inspiring your lifestyle is. Whenever I need a pick me up, your videos just always makes me happy, and enjoy the simplest things in life. In most ways, your music and what you do everyday in your routine, just reminds me of how grateful I am to live this life. I love your grandma, your Chinese ancient tradition. You really put ease in my mind, and I zen out completely when I’m watching your videos. You’re truly an inspiration. Lots of love, Sarah.


August 19, 2021

We often see many puppies in Li Ziqi’s videos. What happens to them?

Richard Lanier

August 19, 2021

I love your videos I also like how you grow and raise most of your own food to true inspiration no matter what country you’re in I’m also inspired by the garden set up you have thank you

Soontorn ( Jim ) Sewalelot

May 27, 2021

I start watching your video about three month ago and I just fall in love with everything you did . I am Executive Chef myself but compare to you I just seem like I know nothing about cuisine at all . The most fascinated is you find all your product in your backyard garden . and landscape was amazing . I just would like to thanks you for all the video you did is so amazing
kind regards

Abhi C K

May 27, 2021

I am a abhi i am indian i have to like your cooking skills. I am fan of you. Tq Please reply

Jenni'eve Pitts

March 30, 2021

After 2 days not feeling so good I saw this girl on a horse with a red cape the surroundings were so beautiful that I wanted to see what she was all about when I turned into her YouTube station I realize that this girl was so sweet so immaculate in many ways that I wanted to be where she was Serene among the fish the birds the bees nature just to be out there just to follow her in such a short time I realize that I am really a part of her even though I’m a black foot foot Indian descent Cherokee African American I still feel like she’s part of my soul as I see her perform her duties she is so earthly everything about her is about nature I love the part when she took up the snake in her hand and as she let it free back into it domain as she said, try not to be among the humans again or try not to get caught again, me afraid if them,, I really like that about her I like how she takes care of the animals she takes care of the nature the Earth if people are jealous because of this they need to be because she’s taking us back to our roots. How to appreciate and take care of loving things, most of all loving yourself. Especially her grandmother I love the way the grandmother laughs when they share things together it is so sweet. I pray for her daily and I hope that if she did decide to get someone in her life let it be someone that loves the things that she loves because a lot of people today, it doesn’t matter where you are they’re like leeches trying to hang on to something that doesn’t belong to them I pray for you I can’t spell your name and can’t say it but I’ll call you , Lizaa God bless you I love the Chinese people I love them I got things on my wall that is Chinese Japanese Filipino, African, in my heart I wish you to have a long life and see many beautiful things share many beautiful things with us because today we need to hear and see and love and care for others and most of all the one that created it all.
God bless


March 31, 2021

Hello, I am Farah from Tunisia .. I started watching your videos a while ago .. I was amazed at everything you do .. It has become one of my dreams to live even a little in the way you live .. I love you and love your grandmother so much .. I wish you happiness life..take care.


March 31, 2021

She is so beautiful very beautiful


March 08, 2021

I am a lady, my kid is your hardcore fan .. we just want to spend at least one day with you.. this is my lifetime wish .. I believe you will reply this message..


December 29, 2020

What happened to the third fluffy dog in her video?


November 20, 2020

Me gustan las recetas se ven muy buenas sabrosas y con todas las frutas legunbres de su casa muy fresco todo quisiera si es posible ponga en español para entender mejor y haser le envio muchos saludos Dios le vendiga gracias

Debora L

November 20, 2020

You inspire my daughter and I, love your YouTube videos. We love your grandma, animals, and home life you have created for yourself and the beauty in all you do. 💕 Texas


November 03, 2020

I have been watching your videos now for about 6 months. I also just read the open letter you gave telling all you have gone through with family, haters and fans along with your learning to create your videos. I am 73 years of age and live in Australia. I always thought that I had patience and learned new skills by perseverance. So you are very relatable.
I think you are a wonderful person and deserve all the praise and rewards you receive. You also deserve all the love your fans send you. And I am proud to say that I am one of those fans. Love you and your work…Paul


November 03, 2020

I’m really interested in the spices and spice bundles you use for when soaking and curing meat, and when you marinade.
Can you do some videos that focus just on those spices and which ones that are staples in your videos?

Karen Louise Vanderstraeten

October 13, 2020

I would love to know more about what items you use in your kitchen to store thé variety of foods And prepared meals ? Your cancerian ♋️ world is extremely inspiring to a moon in cancer person like myself. I am currently still living in Belgium but am sure I could find similar types of tools And storage items…. (here’s to hoping!)
Kind regards


August 26, 2020

Would lime to know if grand mother is still alive?


August 23, 2020

I relally like your cooking skills.
You’re ao amazing
Lots of ❤️ From Hawaii

Rescue Diver

July 03, 2020

Very beautiful and tranquil. Love grandma. Salutations from Puerto Rico.

Jane Blythe

June 15, 2020

I love the peace and tranquility of your posts, and appreciate all the hard work put into your lifestyle! Love your Grandma too! The countryside of your home is truly beautiful! Thank you 🙏


May 27, 2020

I love you.. Egypt


May 05, 2020

You video is my meditation ,every day I must watch 3 or 4 to the point when I working in my garden I listen to you music and in my mind is you garden so simple and pretty. So because of you I redo all my garden include bamboo water I hope take me to do 3 summer but I need this. Bless you


April 17, 2020

Hai liziqi i really like your videos you are so soft cute beautiful I natural liked 🥀🥀🥀i have seen all your videos you are so telanted Live read about you watching this video calms my mind 🌷🌷🌷makes a beautiful inpression thanks to posting your video 🥀🥀🥀I am India Tamil Nadu( girl)🌹🌹🌹🌹

Henry Muñoz

April 16, 2020

Amamos tus videos, los vemos juntos en familia son muy relajantes y educativos.Saludos desde Costa Rica.

aneesh ans

April 12, 2020

it was accident I came to your YouTube channel. but am quite addicted to now to your videos. you tell the world that there is another life you can still live on. thank you for making life better. you are a great inspiration


March 08, 2020

you are amazing Liziqi .I want to meet you once and i want know your educational qualifications

Wendy Vermette

March 07, 2020

I accidentally came across one of your videos one afternoon. In the video you had picked persimmon fruit and showed how to preserve it by drying it. After seeing that video I had to watch more of them and I have discovered that your work brings a great deal of enjoyment to my life. I also love how you show respect for your grandmother and how you take care of her. She is such a sweet person. In your earlier videos you used to put English subtitles on them so I could follow along and I was wondering if you could do it again please. Thank you do very much for everything you are teaching us. I wish the very best of good health to you and your family.

Patricia Hammes

February 27, 2020

Who works all the gardens you pick the beautiful fruit and vegetables!


February 03, 2020

💗thank you for sharing your beautiful life with us💗

Sanjay Rathod

December 27, 2019

Sach a beautiful n lovely place

I like she n she’s work

God help to
meet her

Efleda Habaluyas

September 03, 2019

Hi. I am from South Carolina, USA. I know that your name is Li Ziqi. Please forgive me but I want to know your full name. Is Li your first name and Ziqi your last? I have read everything about you and appreciated your honesty to let all your fans know as much about you as possible! Your story is so heartfelt and honest. Your love for your grandmother is so amazing to see and read about.

I know that with today’s technology the stuff that’s really hard to do become easier with just one post, one press of a button, delete, send, etc. I really appreciate how you cook, build, write, sew, make paper – all done in the old fashioned Chinese tradition….you are so awesome! Please don’t change anything. A stone grinder is still used? Wow!

I have watched other videos and I see that “all of them” are copying your ideas and techniques – you are the only one that can pick lotus flowers, roots, stems. Chop down sugar cane and boil it down to a syrup and let harden like blocks, all done in beautiful clothing. Now the “all of them” are doing the same. BE CAREFUL….they are all copying you!

Lastly, I am asking that you try to put English subtitles so that your non-Chinese viewers know what the ingredients are to everything you cook. I also want to buy some of the stuff you make, sugar cane blocks, dried fruit/nut mixture mixed with pea flour. Please expand inventory in so that these items can be purchased.

I pray that you continue to be successful. You are an inspiration. Thank you!

Malik Zain

August 23, 2019

I LOVE You MY Queen (You Always Time Happy) My Wish I visit Your Country but no chance I am alone ………………………………….. Forever


July 29, 2019

My mother is in absolutely love with your videos, she doesn’t understand a word of english or Chinese, but your videos speaks through the hearts. We, from northeast os south america are very happy to watch you. Thank you, and may the forces of universe blesse you even more


June 22, 2019

I was delighted to have accidentally come across LiZiki’s You tube videos, ever since I could not get enough watching them, I am 65 year old still working full time and with the childhood dream of living the life just as Li Ziki is doing now. I wish I will have a chance to visit you and experience this wonderful life of simplicity, efficiency, and harmony with nature. Is it possible for short visit from your followers as we are truly inspired by you.
Your response is appreciated
Thank You

Adora manuel

June 22, 2019

I hope someday I meet you in person