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Natural beauty in her eyes.

Ziqi loves shooting photos. She can be a professional photographer in her fans' eyes. If you once watched her photos posted on her Weibo (For China-based microblogs), then you can really feel natural beauty.

Maybe you can feel like her fans feel. Just read several comments on YouTube, you got to know how people wanna own the same life like hers.

On YouTube,  Millions of people are crazy about her videos

Alex G - " I didn't know paradise in china still existed like this."

Asia Amazing - "This channel makes me want to forsake civilization and go live out in the forest".

Besides videos, Ziqi shared moments in her gardens. Many of her meals depend on these materials in her garden. And li Ziqi’s recipes also need vegetables, fruits, and flowers grown in her garden. 

Those photos are posted on Weibo and shot by Li Ziqi. 

Her garden. Hi, Look here. Ziqi had decorated this garden by Minguo(her assistant) and herself.

Ziqi and Minguo used bamboos to decorate the garden wall. 
Wow, so beautiful. Finally they finished the decoration task.
Li Ziqi plant such cute and delicious plants(fruits, flowers, vegetables, etc.)
You can really guess what are they( those plants in photos).
Maybe most of them had ever been eaten by you. But some of them never come to you.
Do you like this vegetables? So cute, isn't it?
Thanks for reading this blog. Finally, Let's enjoy the starry sky photo shot Li Ziqi.
Hope you will enjoy those photos. 
Enjoy Li Ziqi Food, Enjoy your life.



March 08, 2021

What kind of oranges and grapefruit trees do you have that grow in your garden? You have snow there but your citruses are still thriving. Plz sell your seeds on your market page to those oranges and grapefruit trees or please tell me the variety so I can grow them in my area that doesn’t get as much snow as you have but still not tropical. Please help!


December 29, 2020

Une source infinie d’inspiration. Les films et les images donnent le goût de te mettre à l’œuvre. Une façon très positive de voir la vie et de la vivre simplement.


October 13, 2020

Liziqi I like your videos very much when I see the videos I forgot all my worries I feel very happy and relax I pray for you good hath and

doll castillo

August 20, 2020

you’re such an amazing woman… a very good inspiration to many. you have thought me a lot of things: love for grandma while enjoying nature. keep it up and please dont stop sharing us more wonderful story of your daily life.

doll castillo

August 20, 2020

you’re such an amazing woman… a very good inspiration to many. you have thought me a lot of things: love for grandma while enjoying nature. keep it up and please dont stop sharing us more wonderful story of your daily life.


July 26, 2020

Your videos are inspirational and I enjoy them very much. This is as good as meditation. I can see where you get your beauty….from your grandmother of course.

Rachel Zehnder

June 30, 2020

I enjoy watching your videos on stressful days it’s very calming, I envy you a lot being able to live far from cities in a beautiful rural area- the video settings are so pretty, I’ve been inspired to start my own garden and start living once again :’) Thank you Li Ziqi for creating content and inspiring others with your liefstyle~


June 24, 2020

Love watching you and your videos. You are an amazing young lady. Best wishes to you and your grandma!

Ken Nguyen

June 12, 2020

Hi Li Ziqi,

My son Will (4 yrs old) and I discovered your videos, immediately stopped our bedtime stories, and laughed so much throughout your wonderful videos. We love the bamboo shoots and the heart-shaped lo candy on a stick. We love your knife chopping action scenes whenever you cook in your kitchen. We still have not watch all your videos – we can’t wait to start! Have you thought of doing Origami in your videos? We can show you some of our roses that we fold, and unicorns, sea turtles and such :) Please let me know – we will send you some.


June 11, 2020

Hello Ms. Ziqi! Watching from Philippines :-)


June 10, 2020

Love you videos. You’re an inspiration. Thank u. I would love to know where to buy the brown vase, I love it! And also your kitchenware and bowls!! ❤️


May 30, 2020

I would buy that reddish wooden bowl!!!
Please make 3-4x ❤️

isabel tiezzi

April 30, 2020

adoro seu programa,


March 08, 2020

I wonder are you make clothes xl 3x I like your dress your long gown made with the step baby animal 😻 and you make with different colors thanks let me know.

Tressy Denler

January 31, 2020

Love your videos. You’re so talented and beautiful.


January 12, 2020

I discovered you today, you are amazing. It’s SO NICE to see that women like this exist. It gives me hope That natural beauty still exists.
You are someone I would love to hang out with. Thank you for being authentic. 🌹🙏🏼


December 16, 2019

Hi – I’m addicted to your videos! Pls continue to make more. Hoping you’ll sell your ‘spicy torn beef jerky’ online along with more kitchen utensils. Sending you lots of love from Canada <3

Sandra Brown

October 27, 2019

Can not wait for another video. I have watched each one at least twice. I am amazed at all her skills. I just placed a order and can not wait to get it. We love to cook and I have never owned a pair of “chopsticks” . What a wonderful gift and I intend to learn how to use Li ziqi , thank you so much for showing me peace, so many stars in the sky, and a achieved happiness that I never new existed.

Diletta Orsolan

October 14, 2019

🤙🏿Sei speciale good girl!


September 24, 2019

Try to stay in nature and do not interfere with any technology

David Austria

September 20, 2019

Ni hao Li Ziqi!
I know, China has so many beautiful woman, but you are the only one who can prepare so many things whit your bless hands! I wish for you all the best for your future! Make the delicious dishes great again. Cheers


September 18, 2019

I accidentally came across your videos. There are no words so amazing this young girl. I can come and learn work for free just to be in that area and eat her food learn from her. I am getting my daughter to watch everything.
Love you

Mohammad Abdus Sattar

September 10, 2019

Li Ziqi is very diligent women. I love her work. I also love her making food and very beautiful village. She is very well cooker but her grandmother not eat enough. I request Li Ziqi invite me because i like to doing work and like to eat.


September 07, 2019

You are an amazing soul, gifted and blessed, bringing to the world harmony and understanding,
Your videos and messages touch young and old, urban and rural, in China and outside, including Huayi abroad.


September 04, 2019

Great videos, wish you and your grandma best of health. Thank you for your videos and comments.

Carlos diaz

September 01, 2019

You are a amazing woman, please keep making more videos.


August 30, 2019

I love her clothes and pajamas♥️
Where can I purchase?

Kitty Hamon

August 02, 2019

So love your garden lizigi and pawpaw


July 29, 2019

I love the wooden kitchen utensils as well as the clay pots. You should have those in your store. Love your videos too. Could you please add translations.


July 27, 2019

I love that knife she always has. You can use it for just about everything! Does anyone know the name of it?

Maritza cardona

May 25, 2019

Leigh that is a great idea… magnolia grapefruit flowers and roses. I would purchase in a heart beat

Leigh Holgate

May 20, 2019

I’m speechless, and I’m hooked! I hope Li Ziqi will consider making perfume like she did with beeswax on one of her shows. Magnolia, grapefruit flowers and Roses. I ordered the beef sauce looking forward to trying.

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