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    Great tast. Perfect Sauce
  • US$ 29.90



    I always like mixing the appetizing salted egg mayonnaise with rice. The salted egg mayonnaise is not so salty. actually it is just the perfect flavor for me. I had a child - six years old. this one is also good for my little girl. I noticed that is has no flavor preservatives. If you're searching for a sauce with your bread, noodles, or rice. You can really try this.
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    The herbal tea is a littile sweet with beautiful fragrance, my God!!! The taste is also very good. Happy herbal tea received, very beautiful packaging. I gave one box to my boyfriend. Highly recommended.
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    Oh my god....good! I feel so peaceful when I watch her videos, but I feel a little hot when I had this chili sauce. I want stay there(Ziqi’s hometown) for couple of weeks..plz invite me, thus I can really enjoy the chili sauce cooked by you. With rice, it brings me to the heaven.
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    It's a little little spicy, just like the taste of brown sugar and ginger made by myself. But I prefer Ziqi's sugar tea. It is convenient to drink. Very good. I like it very much.
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    I think I just found the heaven of our world. This is how most of us want to live, but we're stuck in big cities with regular wage-slavery and no way out. I fell in love with her living style after watching her videos. As for this beef sauce, I tried it. It tastes really good, I bought this for myself and my parents. We often have the beef sauce with noodles.
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