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    I just wore my top for the very first time today and I love it. It is so soft and comfortable. It fit perfectly. I bought a size small even though I'm usually a Petite XS since I'm very petite. I was almost sure I would have to have it altered. No alterations needed. I was quite surprised. I've received many compliments and I'll be wearing it many more times until the fall weather starts in late November.
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    I got the mini and it was a pretty large cleaver relative to my size. It cuts really well, juilenne, fine chop takes practice. I'm getting used to it because of the unconventional shape of the cutting blade side. I noticed rust after I cleaned with water only and wiped it clean. so I am going to follow the maintenance instruction online and see how it goes. Well, Li Ziqui for sharing with the world! keep doing what you do!
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    Thank you, I was super excited these knifes came today I ordered two, it took 6 weeks to arrive to Melbourne Australia but truely worth the wait, I was surprised at how very sharp these bad girls are and a nice weight that held comfortably in my hands, so looking forward to using these knifes in my everyday cooking. Again Thank you, I’m very happy with them.
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    Big knife. Covered in this black and red oily stuff that smudges onto your finger tips. Take a steel wool scrubber and soap and scour it for a good few minutes on their side and handle before using. Rinse and dry with a soft cloth (will remove more of the stuff) and put in a preheated oven to dry. Just let it cool with the oven off until you want to use it. It's going to last generations if you take care of it.
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    This is perfect for summer. It is very loose and drapes nicely, and the design keeps the fabric securely in place so you could easily wear this as a dress by itself if you get the darker colors (it is a very lightweight linen, so I wouldn't recommend the same for the lighter colors). Totally worth it and grateful to have this in the middle of this heat wave.
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    I have bought 4 of these shirts I wear them open over t shirt and Jean's or a tshirt and skirt. They are really comfortable and soft. They wash well and I wear mine daily. I wear instead of cardigans or jackets. Love them!
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    I am beyond excited to receive this knife! I’ve wanted one for a long time and to my surprise my husband purchased it for my out anniversary! I adore Liziqi, she is an inspiration and I am grateful to have a piece of her world♥️
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    Got it (nat & black), put it on, really pleasant. Quality looks great. Only downside: size. I'm 1.80m, 68kg, usually fine with European M. However, sleeves of these shirts are about 10 cm short, shoulders too tight. Therefore, size XL would probably have been a better fit, alas this size does not exist (yet). I will give them to someone else, I am sure they will enjoy them.
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    Hello! I'm very happy that following your blog!!! Stay natural!!! I'm going to fixing my bakery in the garden so I can bake my own bread!!!
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    I have really enjoyed all of your videos, and I like your simple traditional clothes--the ones in Chinatown here are usually a bit too fine, not something to wear working in the garden or cooking. Your linen clothes are simple, yet well-made, perfect for the hot summer days in California! Thank you for your beautiful video clips, it's a comfort in this troubled time. I hope the flood has spared your village, it is awful to see on the news. Take care!
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    I received the Happy Herb Scented Tea yesterday and brewed a cup. The scent, appearance and flavor of the tea is very high quality and wonderful. The tea itself is beautiful to look at in the teabags. I brewed a cup last night before bedtime and I assume it doesn't have caffeine because it did not keep me awake. It was calming, holding the hot cup, breathing in the soothing fragrance. The flavor is herb-like but not medicinal. Very happy with my purchase.
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    I absolutely adore this hanfu top. It is so light weight and comfortable. Although the material is thin, it is not see through. The way it buttons together is also cool, as it drapes in a beautiful way. Basically, it’s rad and I will cherish it. Thank you Liziqi for the videos that bring light when we’re all trapped at home! <3
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    I’m really impressed everything is so natural you make me feel dreams live that way on the country side I love everything you create is very unique You inspired me to feel different Thank you You are unique
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    When I first saw the YouTube video of Li Ziqi doing different things with the Lotus plant, it quickly became my favorite video. So when I learned about her shop and saw this particular product I HAD to get it! It has surpassed my expectations! Once you get the ratio down of the boiling water, it's a breeze! The first batch I forgot to change my thermometer to C° and goofed it. The second time I added a wee bit to much water. Third time I had it down (third times the charm, ey!). The sweetness is subtle then you get bursts of flavor from the cranberries, cashews, and almonds. The subtle hint of sweet is why I like it so much. It is refreshing. I have made this everyday and I like it more and more each day. Highly recommend this product!!!
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    My brother bought this for us, and we really enjoyed it. However, it could need a bit more sugar. I'm sorry if I don't have the picture, but it was delicious nonetheless
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    Never felt such soft linen. Beautifully made, no raw edges around collar and front. Can be worn as shirt or jacket. Will buy more!
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    Definitely would recommend. The material is very soft and comfy. I’m 5’4, 120lbs and went with a medium. The sleeves fall right at my wrists and there’s lots of room around my torso. As someone who prefers a loose fitting style to layer over a short sleeved shirt or crop bra, I’m pleased with my choice to go with a medium. Also for reference, shipping took about three weeks for an order in early February.
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    I’m in love with this knife! I will order another. All of my chef friends are jealous! My order was delayed due to the corona virus and the customer care team was fantastic! They kept me updated so I didn’t have to worry about where my order went!
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    Hi, I love this no frills cleaver. It's a good and solid tool. It's forged by hand from a single piece of high carbon steel. Good traditional design, sharpen easily and keep its edge. The blade is less large than Liziqi's cleaver and the handle is not exactly like the one of the website photo : there's is a solder at the end of the handle. It's ok. I'm happy with my purchase. Many thanks from Canada and continue your Good Work. Happy New Year Liziqi ! Stephen
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    I received the package I ordered from Lizie's website so quickly as expected thank you very much