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Opera Figure Toys Capable of Changing Facial Makeup
Opera Figure Toys Capable of Changing Facial Makeup


US$ 24.99
Reviews (4)
  • 2021-04-07
    Quite funny. My niece likes it.
  • 2021-04-02
    I've long been a fan of Chinese culture. And I'm happy to see that Ziqi is advocating more Chinese culture. This toy is a lot of fun and it can make my crying baby stop crying immediately and turn to smile! Amazing!
  • 2021-03-30
    LOL. My kid really likes this toy. He is a naughty boy just as this face-off figurine? Anyway, he just danced with the toy and used his picture books to pretend he's changing faces, aha~ Great toy, having fun!
  • 2021-03-29
    My boy has been fed up with his toys, but this one immediately drew his attention. Different face unlike any of ours and it can be changed! The music also sounds merry, too. It's a great fun to see your children have fun.