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  • 2019-06-22
    Not only because I am now an avid Li Ziqi subscriber, but when I tried her products, the beef sauce was a pleasant surprised for me. Although I don’t care much of spicy hot sauces, this beef sauces just made a wonderful exemption for my taste buds!! It goes so well with anything!! Fried fish, steamed veggies, pork & chicken. But let me tell you I even use it by itself with plain steamed rice ( and I could eat up to 3 cups of my rice with only this beef sauce). I love it so much I placed another order, and am placing my 3rd order as I’m writing this review!! Thank you LiZiki & Team!!
  • 2019-05-10
    I think I just found the heaven of our world. This is how most of us want to live, but we're stuck in big cities with regular wage-slavery and no way out. I fell in love with her living style after watching her videos. As for this beef sauce, I tried it. It tastes really good, I bought this for myself and my parents. We often have the beef sauce with noodles.