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Li Ziqi prepared a special gift of her brand “Li Ziqi”. Yes, this gift is particularly prepared for people who purchase the foods(Brand Li Ziqi). (It's over.)

A traditional Chinese gift : Li Ziqi chopsticks

How does this gift come from?

There is an interesting story here. Let’s see the process of choosing this special gift.

Ziqi said

I chose chopsticks as the special gift because of that I love Chinese Culture. We are not equipped with strong power, but we still want to do our utmost to bring our Chinese Culture to the whole world.”

“To begin with, we have selected many beautiful and gorgeous chopsticks. Those chopsticks are made of blue and white porcelain, amber and even gold, silver and so on. We wanna make the best chopsticks for you to express our sincere thanks. ”

“I remember that we have made samples of chopsticks six times, but we hadn’t chosen the best one anyway. Later, in the course of a video recording, the camera scanned the ordinary chopsticks on our dining table.

“The normal chopsticks, the original one. But it looks really beautiful. Perfect. ”

“Chopsticks have witnessed the great history of China for thousands of years. Even such simple chopsticks are accompanied by the growth of every Chinese.”

“Simple chopsticks are like you and me. In this society, we are ordinary and even normal, but we are still indispensable in this society.”


Lesly Lemon

March 08, 2021

I so enjoy watching you! I wud love to buy your Chinese decorations
for Chinese New Year and more of your food!



March 08, 2021

Since I watched your videos, I’m more inspired to appreciate that cooking is really something special. I have seen your videos and how you use all the ingredients for a great meal. I would like to learn more about traditional Chinese dishes. In the year 2021, I want to change my way of living, change the garden, and plant more fruit and vegetables. I want to relax more after a stressful day of work and try to cook in the garden.

Thank you LI Ziqi,

Lesly from the Netherlands


November 20, 2020

Hello, Are these beautiful chopsticks available for purchase?
Thank you

Shanti, indonesia

August 14, 2020

Terimakasih, matur suksma or thankyou li ziqi.

Hannylyn Jacobe

July 14, 2020

Hi Li Ziqi. I hope this would be available soon and can be delivered to Philippines. Is there a way to notify me once this chopstick is available already?Thanks

Cheryl Semrau

June 26, 2020

I am from Canada. I love your videos. How do I get your chopsticks?


April 10, 2020

Liziqi, I don’t know where to start, I love watching your videos and learning more about you because I find that I sort of live a similar lifestyle as you. You are my inspiration for almost everything now. Watching your videos bring me a lot of joy when things can be rough. I gave gardened and canned foods ever since I was three and I was really starting to get tired and annoyed with it, so I didn’t want to do it anymore. Once i started watching your videos, I remember why I wanted to do it in the first place. You are an amazing person and bring a lot of joy to everyone’s life. Thank you for being you! :)


February 25, 2020

多年前离祖国家村,看到您的影片让想返回。 恭喜您取得的成就。

Darrell Lewis

February 05, 2020

Liziqi you are one of the most inspiring women I have ever been fortunate enough to see through the use of technology. I struggle to find the good technology brings to society as a whole, but on occasion I find it to be a blessing. You are that blessing, in a world of greed, despair, brutality, and pain you bring so MUCH joy to people who can watch your videos and find tranquility within them. Never forget your past of humble beginnings, and always stay true to the beauty in you; both physical and heart. I wish happiness for you always. Darrell

amit nv

January 26, 2020

Nihao Li Ziqi. You have inspired me to be self sufficient and to be content, also you have inspired me to learn Mandarin. Do you ship your products to INDIA? Also can we visit your place sometime for a short stay.
Keep doing the good work, GOD BLESS YOU.

Erick D. Felt

January 25, 2020

Will you ever have men’s clothing, and more your kitchen utensils?

Erick D. Felt

January 25, 2020

Will you ever have men’s clothing, and more your kitchen utensils?


January 20, 2020

Hi Li Ziqi I am 14 years old and one day I hope to lead a life of my own alike yours. You have given me guidance so far and I want to thank you for helping me.

Giulia Ginkgo

January 15, 2020

Is It on Sale?


December 09, 2019

The clothing I bought from your store is beautiful, soft and well crafted. Sounds like I am describing you! Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us. Mary


November 24, 2019

Hi Liziqi, Thank you for your videos. You bring calmness, serenity, joy, inspiration, amazement and wonder into my life. You are truly a blessing. I am an educator but I can say with all honesty that I am learning so much from you. You are one of the best teachers I have ever known. You have become part of my daily life. I never fail to watch your videos everyday. Lots of warm hugs to you and to your grandma from me all the way from Australia.

Janice Martin

November 17, 2019

I too love your videos! I am excited to get the gifts tha I have bought. It will remind me of all the beautiful videos that you are doing. Looking forward to more of your products online. Are you going to sales your wooden cups that you dip water with and other untisils you have? We would love to have your bamboo also. Thanks for sharing your life!

Janice Martin

November 17, 2019

I am excited to get the gifts the I have bought. It will remind me of all the beautiful videos that you are doing. Looking forward to more of your products online. Can you see your wooden cups that you dip water with and other untisils you have? We would love to have your bamboo also. Thanks for sharing your life!

Blanca yulied velosa ibarra

November 10, 2019

Hola Li Ziqi mi nombre es yulied hace poco te encontré el instagram y me parecio maraviloso todo lo q haces tu vida es un ejemplo deseo algundia poder conocerte y viajar hasta donde vives es un citio unico
Un gran abrazo y bendiciones

Fatma Takmaz demirel

November 03, 2019

Merhaba lizikii, turkiye de yasiyorum. Hayatimin belli bir bolumunde senin gibi zorluklarla bas etmek zorunda kaldim. seninle yaşamayi o kadar cok isterim ki, bana huzur ve mutluluk veriyorsun..seni izlemek çok güzel, sağlıcakla kal


October 22, 2019

The majority of comments on here are quite scary. I do like your videos and it’s fascinating how things are done. Please be careful. A lot of the ppl on here seem sort of obsessed.


October 20, 2019

The sheer peace and beauty of living with and respecting all that surrounds one, is the idyllic life that all human beings and fellow creatures should live. I have great fear of the brutal way our beautiful earth is used and abused. My soul yearns to live this life. There are many parts of the world that offer such tranquility. My heart keeps searching.

Berrak Nur Özden

October 01, 2019

I’m from turkey and I’ve grown up in a farm. You can never imagine how giving mother nature can be when you respect it. I respect your lifestyle and watching your videos give me peace. They are so nice. Please keep up the good work. We will be supporting you from sidelines


October 01, 2019

Hi Li Ziqi! Your lifestyle makes me feel jealous on u, i like all your wooden bowl, spoons etc., can u sell that too

Bernard Veron

September 30, 2019

Hi Ziqi
I went to China two years ago, I visited Yunnan and Sichuan . I simply adore your country , I especially appreciate the kindness of people and the calming and peaceful nature. Watching your videos makes me recall that feeling of peace I had when I was in China. You are living in such a beautiful place ! I am sure your videos make people happy all around the world. I know you’re now successful and famous even out of China so keep going on with your lifestyle ,showing and sharing what is actually essential in life . Thanks a lot


September 24, 2019

Genial,me encanta!!!!!

Dalete Duarte Sales

September 23, 2019

Parabéns querida! Você é um exemplo de vida!


September 10, 2019

I have been watching the videos for quite a long time, was impressed by your simple lifestyle and wish to have a peaceful and happy country side life during my retirement days.
I feel relaxed after a stressful working day!

Thanks for this! and keep posting more videos.

Loads of Love


September 10, 2019

I’m excited about the simplicity and quality you bring, I really appreciate Chinese ancient culture.

Cruzmaribel Lara

September 04, 2019

I am honored and feel at home watching you share the way you live and care for your grandmother. My eldest daughter shoed me your YouTube channel and she said that you reminded her of me and my mother. Thank you for sharing your lifestyle and culture. I am interested in much, where can I purchase some of the items that you use in your daily cooking?


Abegail Sonza

September 02, 2019

Hello Li Ziqi i am very inspired on your video’s. You’re talent is one of a kind and the good thing in that is your sharing your knowledge for every people that is following you. 🙏👍


August 13, 2019

I love watching your videos Liziqi. You cook with passion and grace, you make it so easy and so inviting! The provincial part of your place is so beautiful and you add your own natural beauty with it. You have such an ethereal ways every time you do your unique craft of using natural materials. I love how you made your clay oven, when u were slicing the bamboo and built it up, when you harvest fresh vegetables and fruits and turned them into magical delicious food. I could go on and on. Thank you for sharing us your videos, your hardworking and true beauty! I always look forward to watch your videos in the morning to start my day. You’re awesome!

Chuck McGee

August 13, 2019

I loved your video making ink sticks, stone, brushes, and paper. Do you sell ink sticks?
thanks, Chuck

FlorAngela Mesa

August 11, 2019

Hola LIZIQI, te escribo desde Bogota, Colombia. Admiro mucho la forma en que vives y haces las cosas, eres una mujer que inspira a millones de personas al rededor del mundo, nos has hecho pensar que se puede vivir de otra manera. volver a nuestras raices. Gracias.

Jessica Russell

July 23, 2019

Hi Liziqi.

I love your videos. I sit here and binge watch all of them everyday to help me relax and leave the concrete world behind :) Thank you so much for your hard work and sharing your beautiful home and intelligence with us. I take great joy in cooking, baking and crafts, but you made me look at the world differently and realize that we can make so many things from the natural beauty of nature. And not waste anything that you take. My husband and I are moving out to the secluded mountains of British Columbia in Canada next year and I will taking what I have learned from you with me as we will be living off the gardens and livestock we care for. It always brings a smile to my face when I receive the notification that you have posted a new video to I hope that your beautiful home and village always stay that way and that you can keep doing all the wonderful things you do for your Grandmother. I have the highest respect for you for taking care of her.

Stay Beautiful, Strong & Talented :)

Love from Canada,


Ana Teodosia Tumolva

June 22, 2019

Hi Liziqi,

Been watching your all of your videos. I am so inlove with the art that you are doing. I don’t like cooking but when i watched you cooking its like so easy and its so satisfying. I want to be like you. I would like to learn more about the traditional dish of Chinese. Thank you so much for your wonderful videos i hope i could see you in person 😍

Leonora Libanan

May 16, 2019

Hi Liiziqi
Ever since I watched your videos, I’m more inspired to appreciate the art of cooking and using natural ingredients, also I would like to learn more traditional Chinese dishes; I wish I could find a nice place like you have as I am already 65 years old and really want the kind of lifestyle you have. Thank You so much for your wonderful videos. I Love them all